Custom Planter Manufacturing:

Can’t Find Planters You Want at Retail Garden Centres?

Pot Inc. came into existence because our landscape company was given contract after contract to source and plant modern containers. Our futile search brought us the same old poor quality, fiberglass/fiberclay composite planters that constantly cracked, bowed and quickly fell apart. We needed another option, so we did it ourselves.

Using lightweight, heavy gauge 炸金花手机版下载, Corten/weathering steel or stainless steel, we custom fabricate plant containers specifically designed for your space. Not limited to rectilinear shapes, we can also arrange bowl and dish shaped planters up to 7 feet wide. Choose from our in-house, standard sizes/designs or work with us to fabricate custom planters.

Whether you’re a homeowner, landscape architect or interior designer, we offer complete 炸金花fabrication to suit your project. Our planters are finished with an eco-friendly powder coating process for long term use and durability. Choose from six of our in-house colours or provide us with your desired colour preference.

Our planters are unmatched in our industry for construction detail and durability. Choose Pot Inc to insure the highest grade finishes and superior fabrication. Visit the POT SHOP for more information about our planters.


Garden and Container Design:

Plant Artistry on the Outside of Ordinary

From roof top veggie gardens to curb side appeal for exceptional estates, we strive to ignite outdoor spaces with botanical designs that add conversation and charm.

An Industry Nod

Our devotion to outstanding plant design has given us the opportunity to be featured in several North American gardening magazines and publications. We pride ourselves in pursuing our industry’s most original and intelligent plant designs, using unique and contemporary plant varieties.

All Season Plant Designs

Beginning with a site visit and consultation, we’ll explore your space’s needs and potential. Whether your canvas is an existing garden, balcony, front entrance or restaurant patio, we’ll examine how we can maximize visual fascination based on your budget and collaborative ideas.

Whether your garden or containers need a spring pick me up or a brush of fall interest, we arrange artistic plant designs at any time of year. Our typical clientele benefits from two or three plantings throughout the year. We schedule our summer plantings for installation during late May and June. Summer designs flourish for several months into October, making room for our fall winter designs. These usually consist of colourful, hardy shrubs and perennials that tolerate the cold of winter and frequently bloom in spring depending on varieties.

Attention to Detail

Our 20+ years of horticultural experience creating designs for spaces around Vancouver have allowed us to achieve an advanced knowledge of what will work for your zone and individual conditions. Windy condominium patios, shady rear entrances or high traffic commercial spaces, we orchestrate exquisite space appropriate designs, no matter the location. We source all our plants by hand, individually, assuring symmetry, balance and longevity.

Along with the highest standard of plant selection, we use high quality soil for our gardens and containers, suited specifically to the plants utilized as well as advanced, lightweight drainage materials.

Please take a look through the galleries in our work portfolios.



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